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A multi-faceted organization with corporate offices based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Dedicated to providing  comprehensive security services covering every aspect of the prime areas of risk to corporations, installations, and individuals.

The G I A Group, Ltd. offers a complete line of Investigative, Intelligence, Security and Protective Services, Technical Surveillance, Counter - Measures, training and custom equipment for the corporate world and law enforcement.

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Intelligence Operations
Corporate Threat and Consequence Management
Counter-Intelligence and TSCM
Cryptographic Security for Telecommunications and Data
Healthcare Fraud Intel Operations
Executive and VIP Protection Services
Corporate Fraud Intel Operations
Security Executive Search and Placement
Anti and Counter Terrorism Training
Computer Intelligence Gathering Skills for Law Enforcement
Covert Intelligence Gathering and Operations for Law Enforcement

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Training Seminars

S.C.O.P.E. Special Covert Operations Planning and Execution
S.T.E.W.T. Special Tactical Edged Weapons Training
Computer Forensics
Computer Intelligence II
Surveillance Platforms
Covert Surveillance & Intelligence Gathering I-V
Video Surveillance Systems
Sniper Training
Tactical Waterborne Operations in Counter-Terrorism Environment
VIP, HRP, Executive Protection Advanced


US Homeland Security Terror Alert

Homeland Security Live Alert

Worldwide Embassies by Host Country

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