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A team of unique specialists excelling in Special Forces operations, electronic intelligence, electronic countermeasures, counter-terrorism, fraud investigations and prevention, computer forensics, advanced defensive tactics, and other special operations skills, formed the G I A Group, Ltd.

GIA employs the most sophisticated methods used to penetrate information systems, including computers. These unique skills and expertise permits the G I A Group to offer special security services from a group of highly skilled people with technical ability of the highest international standards. The G I A Group provides unique special training programs for Military Intelligence personnel, Special Operations personnel, Law Enforcement personnel, and Corporate Security personnel.


The G I A Group provides training in Police, Security, and Special Military related subjects. GIA Group management and instructors have extensive experience in conducting courses world- wide and their knowledge of current training methods and equipment is maintained through constant up-dating and close liaison with other unique organizations.

COURSES AND TRAINING: The following are some of the special training programs offered:

S.C.O.P.E. Special Covert Operations Planning and Execution
S.T.E.W.T. Special Tactical Edged Weapons Training
Computer Forensics
Computer Intelligence II
Surveillance Platforms
Covert Surveillance & Intelligence Gathering I-V
Video Surveillance Systems
Sniper Training
Tactical Waterborne Operations in Counter-Terrorism Environment
VIP, HRP, Executive Protection Advanced


The GIA GROUP offers several Distance Learning (home study) training programs. Click here for information on these programs.

The GIA GROUP conducts and teaches Business Competitive Intelligence gathering and analysis. We have written several in-depth papers on Competitive Intelligence


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